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Venus (Planet)

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Planetary Fact Sheets

Offered by the National Space Science Data Center of NASA, the Planetary Fact Sheets Web site contains helpful information for students studying astronomy. The site lists links to all of the planets, their satellites, and their rings, as well as to tables comparing all the planets. The planet pages contain a photograph and a simple list of dozens of facts such as mass, volume, distance to the...
Transit of Venus

The Transit of Venus is similar to a solar eclipse, where -- from the perspective on Earth -- Venus passes in front of the Sun. This event does not happen very often. In fact, no one alive today has experienced this phenomenon, which will take place on June 8 and will be visible for most of Europe, Asia, and Africa. First, the Armagh Planetarium created a great, expansive informational site all...
Venus Transit 2004

In just several weeks, Venus, the Earth's sister planet, will pass in front of the sun, affording astronomers and the general public the ability to take part in a extremely rare event. While persons in Europe, Africa, and Asia will have the best vantage point for this occurrence, those interested in the Venus transit will want to take a detailed look at this lovely website in order to find out...
Venus, Earth's Structural Sister: Investigations Using Radar Imagery

Let's face it: It's pretty difficult to get to Venus to do hands-on fieldwork. This helpful teaching resource from Vicki Hansen at the University of Minnesota-Duluth overcomes some of those difficulties by allowing students the opportunity to do just that, in a manner of speaking. Using data from NASA, students will learn how to construct of geologic map of a region of Venus' surface. The concepts...