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Optical illusions

Resources is a Web site devoted to optical illusions. Over 100 online exhibits are available, with a majority of them contained in six main categories: Impossible Objects, Distortions, Contrast and Color, After Images, Ambiguities, and Typographics. Topics include such things as perspective and refraction, as well as many more complex illusions. Although the main page had difficulty...
48 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena

Have you ever wondered how different optical illusions work? This fun, informative, and very cool website developed by ophthalmologist Dr. Michael Bach of the University of Freiburg's Medical School introduces 48 interactive visual illusions and phenomena. The illusions are animated and accompanied by explanations that help visitors make sense of their perceptual responses. Major illusion...
Exploratorium: Optical Illusions

From the "Depth Spinner" to the "Cafe Wall Illusion," the Exploratorium has collected menagerie of thought-provoking and visually intriguing optical illusions. These particular illusions were picked out by staff members and represent the best of the best. First-time visitors simply must start with the "Fading Dot." This exercise in visual acuity will show users that the eye is constantly receiving...