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Application software

View Resource Team Elements 2.1

This application will prove to be quite advantageous to those who may be interested in developing an effective way for persons dispersed across a number of locations to perform a variety of tasks. At its essence Team Elements 2.1 is a project management web-based application featuring project plans, assignments, shared discussions, lists, issue tracking, and document storage. The application...
View Resource ForecastFox

With many persons needing to travel for business or for pleasure, this handy application that brings weather information directly to the Firefox web browser will be most welcome. This version of ForecastFox draws on information from, and users may enter a US zip code to find out the exact weather conditions at any given locale. Also, a slider function effectively alerts users when...
View Resource Open 2.0

Those who are in the know about open-source office productivity suite programs may already be aware of Open 2.0, but new users will definitely enjoy the program just as much. With this office productivity suite, users will have an elegant spreadsheet application, a presentation tool, and a word processor. Some of the new features of this latest version include an enhanced word count...
View Resource Virtual Desktop Toolbox 2.62.3

This intriguing program effectively enlarges your monitor by creating non-virtual or virtual desktops. Users can organize programs and windows by categories, and also share programs and windows between virtual desktops. Visitors also have the capability to customize their workplace by adding a background picture and sounds. This program is compatible with all computers running Windows 2000 and...
View Resource Download Accelerator Manager Free Edition 2.2

The latest version of Download Accelerator Manager will be of great interest to those seeking to resume and manage their Internet downloads as quickly as possible. The application supports cookies, proxy protocols, and firewalls. It also integrates seamlessly with a number of commonly-used browsers, including Firefox and Opera. The program also features a rather nice user interface, something that...
View Resource KlipFolio

Dashboards on a car are essential. Dashboards on one's computer screen aren't always essential, but they can certainly make monitoring different sets of information quite a bit easier. Essentially users of this program create a collection of "klips", which collect and display weather information, email notifications, and stocks. And in an age of user-interface customization, it is not surprising...
View Resource Lepidopterology 3.1

It's pretty safe to say that if Nabokov were alive today, he might be a fan of this latest tiny widget. The widget is called the Widget, and for those with a love of butterflies, it will be considered an essential item. When properly installed, the widget will allow users to learn about the latest content from the site. This particular device is compatible with all computers...
View Resource DoBeDo 3.0

Sure enough, Old Blue Eyes was known to throw a "do-be-do" around near the end of a choice lyric, but this particular "do-be-do" happens to be a timely widget. DoBeDo 3.0 integrates up with iCal to allow users to easily view, add, edit, and delete "to-do" items. This particular version is compatible with computers running Mac OS X 10.4, Dashboard, and iCal 2.0.5.
View Resource AppCleaner

Unwanted applications can be a real nuisance, so it's nice to learn about AppCleaner. This small application allows users to completely uninstall unwanted applications as it searches around to locate such troublemakers. The interface for the application is easy to use and the application is compatible with all computers running Mac OS 10.4 and newer.
View Resource OpenOffice 3.0.1

Open Office is a fine choice for those looking for an alternative to some of the other commercial word processing software packages. This latest version of OpenOffice includes several new templates for professional writers, weblog publishing, and a tool that will help users export documents for functionality with Google Docs. This particular version is compatible with all operating systems.
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