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Coal mines and mining -- United States

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View Resource Nine Pennsylvania Coal Miners Trapped Underground

Approximately 10:30 Wednesday night, nine Pennsylvania coal miners got caught in a cave-in at the Que Creek mine in Somerset County (60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh) after they accidentally drilled into an adjacent mine and released millions of gallons of water into their own shaft. An estimated 50 to 60 million gallons of water as cold as 50 degrees Fahrenheit rushed into the mine from the...
View Resource National Coal Resources Data System

The National Coal Resources Data System is an online database of analytical data, sample locations, descriptive information, analytical methods, sampling techniques, and bibliographic references for selected US coal samples provided by the USGS. Users are guided through several steps that include choosing the type of report to be generated, specifying sample search criteria, and whether to display...
View Resource Appalachian Voices

What source of pollution threatens Appalachia more than any other? Coal mining. The website of Appalachian Voices (AV) showcases an award-winning non-profit organization that aims to reduce the impacts of coal on "the land, air and water of central and southern Appalachia." The organization "empower[s] people to defend [the] region's rich natural and cultural heritage by providing them with tools...