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View Resource Solar Mystery Nears Solution with Data from SOHO Spacecraft

Recent images taken by instruments aboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) show a transfer of magnetic energy from the Sun's surface to the corona. This "magnetic carpet" may solve the 55 year old riddle of why the corona is so much hotter than the surface. The SOI Investigation site is maintained by the Solar Oscillations Investigations group at Lockheed-Martin Solar and Astrophysic...
View Resource Magnetic Carpet Space Science Update Page

Recent images taken by instruments aboard the SOHO spacecraft show a transfer of magnetic energy from the Sun's surface to the Sun's corona. This transfer of energy, referred to as a magnetic carpet, may solve the 55 year old question of why the corona is three million degrees while the surface is a mere 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The Magnetic Carpet Space Science Update Page contains the NASA...
View Resource Building a Magnetic View of Alaska

Based on a talk given by Rick Saltus, this USGS open-file report uses a slideshow format to present work completed and methods used to "edit, document, distribute, and interpret about a million line-kilometers of aeromagnetic data in Alaska." Intermingled with excellent thumbnail graphics, the text describes and explains the accompanying images. Section titles include an Introduction to Magnetic...
View Resource Digitized Aeromagnetic Datasets for the Conterminous United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico

These digitized aeromagnetic datasets from the US Geological Survey show variations in the Earth's magnetic field caused mostly by the distribution of minerals that make up the upper part of the earth's crust. The data may be accessed by clicking on the name of a state or territory. Users can download data for an entire state or obtain files by clicking on state maps showing location plots.
View Resource POETRY: Public Outreach, Education, Teaching and Reaching Youth

Dr. Sten Odenwald working with NASA has developed an educational Web site containing "the latest information about auroral science, and the study of the Earth's magnetic field." The scientific topics discussed at this site include auroras, solar wind, space weather, magnetic fields, and the Van Allen belt. Because the authors divided the topics into different educational levels, students and...
View Resource Institute for Physical Problems Research Group

The Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute for Physical Problems (IPP) explores aspects of low-dimensional magnets, non-linear dynamics of magnetically ordered crystals, and magnetic resonance. Researchers can learn how the ESR spectrometers utilized by the group permit flexibility in their experiments. Students and educators can discover the importance of quasi 1D magnet with ladder structure...
View Resource Six Ideas That Shaped Physics

Developed by Professor Thomas A. Moore of Pomona College, the Six Ideas That Shaped Physics textbook was designed to help students gain a contemporary perspective on the discipline, along with giving them the ability to better understand the organization of physics concepts. While the site doesn't allow visitors to access the actual textbook, physics instructors will find a number of helpful...