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Physics -- Popular works.

Physics Songs and Physics Poems

Hosted by Haverford College and maintained by Associate Professor of Physics Walter F. Smith, the Web site is just that. Students and educators will find songs that have been written about such things as Gauss's Law, The Twelve Days of Newton, The Relativity Song, and more. Words are provided, and some even contain playable recordings. Who said learning isn't fun?
Physics Central

Physics Central is how the 42,000 physicists of the American Physical Society "communicate the excitement and importance of physics to everyone." The continually updated Web site provides news and insight into the world of physics through articles, subject and physicist features, pictures, answered questions, and much more.
String Theory

While few people toss around terms like Astroparticle Physics and Superstring Theory, we've all found ourselves staring out in to space on a starry night wondering what's out there, why it's arranged the way it is, and where it all came from. For some, it simply comes down to strings. This September 2, 2003 New York Times article does a good job of summarizing the history and specifics of...
PhysLink: Physics & Astronomy Online "is a comprehensive physics and astronomy online education, research, and reference web site." The home page provides the latest news in physics and astronomy. Those looking for employment can visit the Physics Job Board. Students and educators will find the reference section valuable whether they need Nuclear and Particle Data or equations for physics and math. Anyone with questions...