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Outer space -- Maps

View Resource An Atlas of the Universe

Created by astrophysicist Richard Powell, An Atlas of the Universe is a Web site that allows visitors to see nine main maps of the universe, ranging from 12.5 light years to 15 billion light years from the sun. Each map then contains several other corresponding maps as well as descriptions of what is being shown. The maps give perspective to the vastness that lies beyond earth and explains,...
View Resource Earth Science Literacy Maps

This collection of remarkable Earth Science Literacy Maps serves as a great tool for teachers and students searching for resources related to specific Earth science concepts. Visitors will note that the maps are contained within four topical areas, including Flow of Matter in Ecosystems and Evidence and Reasoning in Inquiry. Once a concept is selected, additional digital learning resources can be...

View Resource 40 maps that explain outer space

In another engaging compendium of resources from around the web, Vox brings readers 40 maps that explain outer space. As Joseph Stromberg notes in this mind-expanding exploration of the cosmos, space is difficult to grasp intellectually, because "it's bigger, by many orders of magnitude than anything we ever experience first hand, and involves processes that unfold over the course of billions of...