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View Resource Jo Freeman: Feminist Scholar and Author

Jo Freeman, a well-known feminist scholar, activist, author, speaker, and lawyer, recently launched this new site consisting of works by and about her. The site contains a portion of Freeman's numerous scholarly and journalistic articles, including "The Feminist Movement," "Women in Society," "Women, Law and Public Policy," and "Social Protests in the Sixties." The site also contains a photo...
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A "feminist Google" is one way the website has been described. The site is full of resources and information for women around the world, and the offerings here address topics that include women's equality, justice, wellness, and safety. The advisory board of the site contains some familiar names of women known for speaking out on many societal concerns, including Gloria Steinem,...
View Resource Click! The Ongoing Feminist Revolution

In 1971, Jane O'Reilly penned an essay called "The Housewife's Moment of Truth," which was subsequently published in the premiere issue of Ms. magazine and in New York magazine. O'Reilly described the experience of the "Click! moment" in which one "perceived the basic disorder in what has been believed to be the natural order of things" and came to question traditional gender roles. This online...