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Geomagnetism -- Computer network resources

View Resource Geologic Hazards: Geomagnetism

Anyone researching or interested in geomagnetism will appreciate the US Geological Survey's Geologic Hazards: Geomagnetism Web site. Visitors will find research publications, various downloadable magnetic charts, models, data plots, an online calculator for magnetic fields, and more.
View Resource Compasses

This Topic in Depth explores the Web's offering on compasses. The first site is another great site from How Stuff called How Compasses Work (1). Visitors can read the interesting text and view attractive graphics on the basics of what a compass is and how it is used. The second site, maintained by, is specifically about How to Use a Compass (2). Topics covered...
View Resource Aurora Watch

At this website, visitors can monitor geomagnetic activity and find out when the aurora borealis may be visible from the UK. Lancaster University offers background information on the characteristics and causes of an aurora, plots of both same day and previous day activities, and magnetometer data. Students and educators can learn how to make their own pop-bottle and compass aurora detectors....