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Christianity -- History

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View Resource Augustine of Hippo

Augustine of Hippo is arguably one of the most scholarly saints. As one of the most important Western philosophers, Augustine is often noted for wrestling with the ideas of the Manicheans and eventually for his conversion to Christianity. Born in what is now modern-day Algeria, Augustine spent a good deal of his life as an administrator in northern Africa and left a voluminous body of writings....
View Resource Yale Divinity School: AdHoc Image and Text Database on the History of Christianity

Designed as part of the Yale Divinity Digital Image and Text Library, the AdHoc Image and Text Database is a web-searchable database that contains electronic images and texts related to the history of Christianity. Visitors may begin looking for relevant materials by a keyword search, or decide to peruse a list of categories for browsing. The categories available include listings organized by...
View Resource The Goodspeed New Testament Manuscript Collection

Collections of ancient Christian manuscripts and texts have always been the province of bibliophiles, scholars, and erudite members of the clergy. One particular person who was quite interested in such manuscripts was the late Edgar J. Goodspeed. Born in tiny Quincy, Ill., Goodspeed went to study at the University of Chicago, and after completing his studies he spent a significant amount of time...