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Online etiquette

View Resource The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette

For those new to the Internet, or for people helping them, "The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette" offers general guidelines on the proper use of Internet resources. Topics covered include: email, telnet, FTP, USENET, and WWW, as well as the Ten Commandments from the Computer Ethics Institute. For each Internet technology, basic user information is given, as well as links to more detailed...
View Resource Netiquette: Bookport Online Edition

Originally written in the early years of the Net (1994), this book by Virginia Shea (Albion Press) should still prove helpful, particularly for instructors wishing to give their students some basic pointers on interacting online. Shea offers tips on posting to newsgroups, writing email, and general electronic communications, and while some of us would like to believe that most of the advice...