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A Family of Giants: First System of Multiple Planets Found around a Sun-like Star

Three planets that are larger than Jupiter have been found orbiting the star, Upsilon Andromedae. Astronomers from four research institutions have confirmed this observation. This site is a news release from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
Environmental News Network

The Environmental News Network (ENN) has as its primary goal to educate the world about environmental issues facing our Earth. People can freely read articles that change daily on the latest news that affects our planet, read stories from major environmental organizations, search past stories, learn about upcoming events on the provided calendar, listen online to EarthNews Radio, and more. An...
National Space Science Data Center Newsletter

The National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) archives and provides access to a wide variety of astrophysics, space physics, solar physics, lunar, and planetary data. The NSSDC News is an online monthly newsletter that chronicles the agency's efforts and provides readers with up-to-date important information. Articles are available from 1994 to the latest December 2002 issue that contains titles...
Press Releases of Science Journal Articles and Subsequent Newspaper Stories on the Same Topic

This article from Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) documents how scientific news is made and perpetuated. The authors found evidence that "journal articles described in press releases, in particular those described first or second in the press release, are associated with the subsequent publication of newspaper stories on the same topic." Though not a surprising result, the...
Quirks & Quarks with Bob McDonald

Quirks & Quarks, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's bi-weekly mashup of the world's cutting edge science, has been around for almost 40 years. Nearly 800,000 Canadians tune in to listen to the show's reports on self driving cars, artificial intelligence, space comets, snake fossils, and myriad other topics. For those of us who don't live in Canada, the Quirks & Quarks website is packed with...
Sci Show

The Sci Show, an entertaining series of quirky YouTube videos, tackles topics ranging from "How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work" to "Strong Interaction: The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics." Most episodes are less than five minutes long, but they pack a wallop of handy science info. Anyone short on time but long on big questions will benefit from the series. Episodes will be helpful to teachers...
Science Friday (Last reviewed in the Scout Report on October 31, 1997)

As their tagline notes, "Every day is Science Friday." With a deep archive of past programs and video clips, the website for NPR's Science Friday program is quite a find. The program is hosted by Ira Flatow, and each week he and his colleagues "focus on science topics that are in the news and try to bring an educated, balanced discussion to bear on the scientific issues at hand." Recent segments...
Science in the News

What do you get when you combine science and poetry? "Sciku!" These pieces draw on "short form Japanese poetry," but use creative liberty to make them a vessel for breaking complex scientific topics into fun, digestible tidbits. Scikus (found under Music and Poetry in the Art menu), among other creative forms, have been adapted to make science accessible by Science in the News (SITN) as an...
Science Museum: Antenna Science News

The Web site of the London's Science Museum (last mentioned in the April 21, 2000 Scout Report) now offers Antenna, a section of frequently updated popular science news delivered with a decidedly British sense of humor. Antenna offers both short (about 3 screens of information) and longer features (6 or more pages), some with video. Recent short features are "First human clone - or is it?"; "Bond...
Science News for Students

Choosing a favorite STEM education resource is always especially tricky for Scout staff, as many of our favorite sites often fall under this category. However, Science News for Students immediately stood out. The award-winning publication invites readers to explore various science-based news stories, covering everything from morphing algae to mini helicopters on Mars, and is geared towards young...
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