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Logic programming (Computer science)

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View Resource Digital Logic

For electrical or computer engineering students or anyone with a passing interest, this site presents a very good overview of digital logic. The basics of both combinational and sequential logic are discussed, and the design of specific components such as counters and shift registers are also illustrated. A particularly interesting section is devoted to the inner workings of logic gates, which is...
View Resource Automated Manufacturing Systems: PLCs

An engineering professor at Grand Valley State University has made available his book on programmable logic controllers (PLC's), which are widely used to control all kinds of electrical devices. The 800+ page book is presented free of charge and can be downloaded in one large file or in individual chapters. Readers can learn everything from high-level concepts, like Boolean logic and operational...
View Resource Columbia University: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

This is the website for Columbia University's Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, which is "concerned with the design, analysis, and control of production and service operations and systems." The website describes two of the Department's research centers. The first, the Center for Applied Probability, supports interdisciplinary research on probability and its...