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Innovations @ Georgia Tech

Some of the most interesting, high-tech research and development efforts are brought to light at this site of the Georgia Institute of Technology. The February 2003 featured story discusses work in "computer-based, low vision technologies that can automatically adapt, or morph themselves, to suit the visual capabilities of individual users." Targeted at people with macular degeneration, these...
The High Intensity Laser Science Group

At this website, the High Intensity Laser Science Group located at the University of Texas at Austin discusses its research in the interactions of ultraintense laser light with matter. With a series of descriptive images and text, students and researchers can peruse the group's many projects including high strain rate dynamics in shocks driven by laser pulses and intense laser driven explosions of...
Bringing Star Power to Earth

The kind of heat that the scientists at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) in Livermore, California generate most days is pretty unusual - unless you happen to be sitting in the deep core of an active star. Using the world’s largest laser, the researchers are able to exceed temperatures of 100 million degrees and create pressures that exceed 100 billion times the Earth’s atmosphere. Visit the...