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Weather -- Computer simulation.


Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Gallery

Offered by the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL), the GFDL Gallery is a collection of visualizations which have been prepared in the course of GFDL's research, and subsequently presented at meetings and in the media. For example, the gallery contains an animated movie of Hurricane Emily from 1993 and a 3D animation of Hurricane Floyd. Other topics include global warming, stratospheric...
Climate Kids

The Southeast Regional Climate Center (SERCC) created this fun, yet educational, website filled with games, activities, and other resources to teach children about weather and climate. Students can find a sequence of interactive surface weather maps at the useful Weather Map Activity. Through a memory game, users can discover the symbols regularly used in meteorology. Visitors can test their...
NOAA: Weather-Ready Nation

The focus of NOAA's Weather-Ready Nation website is to build community "resilience in the face of increasing vulnerability to extreme weather and water events." On the site, visitors can make their way through sections that include Events, Resources, Be a Force of Nature, and Are you Weather-Ready? This last area is a great public resource for those looking to get ready for extreme weather,...
World Weather

What's going on in the world of weather? Are there storms around Sri Lanka? What about the snows of Kilimanjaro? These can be pressing questions, indeed, and the World Weather app is a great way to stay in touch with weather patterns around the globe. Users will find that they can just type in a city name to see the current weather and also zoom around the globe as they see fit. It's a remarkable...