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Transportation -- United States -- Technological innovations.


Welcome to the US Department of Transportation Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) represent the convergence of advanced technologies with current forms of transportation. The result, according to the US Department of Transportation, will be safer, more efficient traveling for the private and commercial sectors. This site focuses mainly on ground transportation, including cars, trucks, and trains in both metropolitan and rural areas. One...
Traffic Problems Continue to Grow Around the United States

As the number of miles logged on the US Interstate Highway System continued to increase dramatically over the past decade, many major metropolitan areas have seen traffic and commuting times grow rapidly. Certain cities, such as Atlanta (among others), are having particularly difficult coping with this problem, as they have little or no effective means of public transportation. To address these...
Intelligent Transportation Systems

Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia, has an entry that briefly outlines the US program to develop intelligent transportation systems (1). A fairly comprehensive list of ITS technologies and applications are also included. An analysis of specific ITS implementations, published in May 2003, gives a much more thorough explanation of how ITS impacts surface transportation (2). The benefits of such...
Institute of Transportation Studies at UC-Davis

Organized in 1991, the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS) at the University of California-Davis has become an internationally recognized center for both applied research and overall scholarship in the field of transportation, serving as a home for 50 affiliated faculty members and a number of graduate students. Here visitors can learn about the Institute, read about educational...
Federal Highway Administration: Transportation Policy Studies

The mission of the Federal Highway Administration's Transportation Policy Studies center is to conduct research to foster innovative transportation policy and legislative initiatives. This work invokes policy analysis, strategic planning, and the creation of sophisticated analytical tools. On the site, visitors can look over program areas, which include General Policy Analysis, Strategic...