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Biotechnology -- Study and teaching

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View Resource Biotechnology Risk Assessment Data: Facts and Conclusions

This Web site from the University of Florida and the US Department of Agriculture is "designed to help provide answers to these questions and necessary background information to understand the process of gene engineering and the available data relating to the safety of GMOs and the risk assessment questions asked." In the Just for Teachers section, users will find detailed fact sheets on a range...
View Resource Biologically-Inspired Technology

A Web site from Michigan State University (1) is a useful starting point for learning about biologically inspired technologies. In addition to briefly discussing the natural processes that are most commonly studied in the development of such technologies, there is a large collection of links to other research efforts and related material. The Ant Colony Optimization project (2) uses the behavior...
View Resource Bio-Link: Online Instructional Resources and Clearing House

The Bio-Link consortium of centers was established in 1998 with funds provided by the National Science Foundation. The motivating factor behind creating this consortium was "to improve and expand educational programs that prepare skilled technicians to work in the high-tech fields that drive the U.S. economy." Along with creating a series of bricks-and-mortar regional centers, they have also...
View Resource Teachers' Domain: Biotechnology

Funded by the Amgen Foundation, the Teachers' Domain Biotechnology website provides resources on this broad field for educators to use in their classrooms. The materials are divided into four primary areas, including "Applications", "Careers", and "Tools and Techniques". In the "Applications" area, visitors will find over fifteen activities that include "Animal Cloning 101" and "DNA Extraction"....
View Resource National Center for Biotechnology Information: Tutorials

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) does a number of educational outreach programs, and their tutorials come highly recommended. In the "Web Tutorials" area, visitors will find nine different resources that cover DNA manipulation and the identification of disease genes. A good portion of these materials are collected from publications. Publications include "Comparative...
View Resource GeneEd: Genetics, Education, Discovery

The GeneEd website was created by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a helpful resource for the teaching and learning of genetics. On the site, visitors can find labs and experiments, fact sheets, and teacher resources on topics including DNA forensics, genetic conditions, evolution, and...

View Resource Genetic Engineering

The Discovery Education website serves as a repository of instructional materials for educators seeking to help their charges learn about everything from the solar system to genetically modified organisms. This particular lesson plan deals with the science and technology of genetic engineering and it is intended to be used by advanced high school and community college students. Users will...

View Resource Nanobiotechnology Center

Established in 2000 at Cornell University as a science and technology center, the Nanobiotechnology Center works to inform the general public and interested scholars about this growing area of human inquiry. This field of nanotechnology applies the tools and processes of nanofabrication to advance research in life sciences. On their website visitors can look over their programs, workshops, or read...

View Resource Biotechnology Teachers Resources Online

Educators assembling lessons on biotechnology will find much to appreciate in this list of teacher resources from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. Here readers will find Animations, Audio files, Case studies, Images, Interactives, Lesson plans and Videos in a variety of biotech-related subjects, from agriculture to ethics to genetics. Of the many beneficial resources here, Understanding...