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View Resource VoiceXML Forum

The market for voice-operated applications has steadily grown for several years, and wireless and mobile devices are an added incentive to develop a standard for voice processing. An established standard is VoiceXML, which dates back to 1999. The VoiceXML Forum has introductory tutorials about the standard, and the full specifications can be downloaded (including a draft of version 2.0, published...
View Resource Unleash the Beast Inside Your Cell Phone

In a June 13, 2003 news article, a writer from Popular Science magazine discusses the "untapped potential of the cell phone computer." The article focuses on the processing power of Java-enabled cell phones, which are quickly entering the market with, most notably, gaming applications. Cell phones have many more possible uses than just gaming, and the article gives a number of examples as well as...
View Resource JSR 185: Java Technology for the Wireless Industry

This Web site is the homepage of an initiative to create a new Java specification for wireless devices. Several documents are available for public viewing, including the Proposed Final Draft of the specification, which was released on June 4, 2003.