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View Resource Unleash the Beast Inside Your Cell Phone

In a June 13, 2003 news article, a writer from Popular Science magazine discusses the "untapped potential of the cell phone computer." The article focuses on the processing power of Java-enabled cell phones, which are quickly entering the market with, most notably, gaming applications. Cell phones have many more possible uses than just gaming, and the article gives a number of examples as well as...
View Resource SenSay: A Context-Aware Mobile Phone

Mobile phone users must be conscious of their phone's settings wherever they go, and are required to adjust settings such as ring volume and vibration depending on the surrounding environment. This research paper introduces SenSay, an intelligent mobile phone system developed at Carnegie Mellon University that is designed to eliminate the constant attention required by current mobile phones. "It...
View Resource MIT: Cell Phone Technology to Prevent Those Embarassing Moments

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab's MIThril project propose a solution to "the social and safety problems" associated with cell phones. Specifically, they are designing a prototype phone that can determine the user's circumstances or context, so the phone can respond appropriately. This "context aware phone could automatically switch profiles when the user enters a restaurant, sits in the driver's...
View Resource Some policy groups believe that using mobile phones as an economic development tool may be a viable idea

Communication and Human Development: The Freedom Connection [Quick Time] Mobile Phones for Microfinance [pdf] Developing Telecoms: Development Agenda [pdf] Microcredit from Grameen Bank in Bangladesh: Phone...