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Heart -- Anatomy.

What Is the Heart?

Figuring out how the heart functions in a metaphorical sense can be an unending and highly metaphysical process (just ask John Donne), so it's nice to find a place online where visitors can learn how the heart functions in a literal sense. This website was created by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, and begins by answering the basic question: "What is the Heart?" After reading this...
The Virtual Body

Unless one is a medical resident, it can be quite difficult to get a close-up look at a skeleton, a brain, or even the inner workings of the digestive tract. Students of the medical sciences and others need worry no more, as this very fine interactive exhibit offers up dynamic images and cross-sections of these parts of the anatomy and many more to boot. The site contains four sections, including...
The Heart: The Engine of Life

This website from The Franklin Institute lets visitors explore the mysteries and inner workings of the human heart. The site contains some remarkable facts, including the observation that over the average human's lifetime the heart beats more than two and a half billion times. The site includes seven sections, including "Development," "Structure," "Vessels," "Blood," and "Monitoring." The...
Virtual Open Heart Surgery

How does open heart surgery work? Without taking the time to get a formal medical degree, it can be quite hard to find out first-hand. Fortunately, this site from the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) takes you inside a virtual operating room to try your hand at performing this procedure. Visitors can look over the interactive Menu to first learn about the anatomy of this region of the body....