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Netscape Communications Corporation

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This windows utility enables user to convert their bookmarks from Netscape Navigator to Internet explorer and vice versa. It is small, fast, and simple to use. The latest version has been tested up to Netscape 4.6 and IE 5.0. Bookmark Converter is shareware and can be registered for $8.
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The site was created by Netscape Communications Corporation in order to "provide a central point of contact and community for those interested in using or improving [Netscape] source code." Netscapce plans to make this source code freely available on March 31, 1998 (discussed in the January 23, 1998 Scout Report). The site is a work in progress at this time; it contains information...
View Resource Netscape Archived Client Products: 4.76 English Netscape Communicator

Netscape in October 2000 released the 4.76 version of its browser/Internet software suite. This release does not feature any major changes, but does include updated versions of Beatnik, Flash Player, RealPlayer, and AOL Instant Messenger 4.0, as well as a security fix. Users with very recent versions of Netscape may well want to pass on the update, but those with older copies should consider an...
View Resource Netscape Network

By mid-1998, Netscape finished remaking its site from a browser information center into an Internet portal. After over nine months of development, the new Netcenter provides (discussed in the September 5, 1997 Scout Report) a directory (originally provided by Excite!), annotated links organized into categories, along with continually updated news features. For those still interested in the...