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Clocks and watches -- History

View Resource Clockworks: Sundials

Being able to look at a clock and check the time is something we all take for granted, but life would be a lot more complicated without accurate timing devices. This site, from, looks at ten manmade instruments that various civilizations have used to measure time. These clocks span many centuries, from the sundial in 1500 BC to the state of the art Cesium atomic clock. Some of the...
View Resource NAWCC: The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc.

NAWCC has developed a Web site illustrating the non-profit organization's activities and services dedicated to the study of horology (timekeeping). Utilizing the message board, visitors can take part in discussions with others interested in the art and science of timekeeping. Users can have their watch and clock research questions answered by The Library and Research Center at the National Watch...