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Aeronautics -- Technological innovations

Air and Space Magazine: How Things Work: Series List

The Air and Space Magazine is a publication of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. This special series of the magazine provides insight into various aspects of aerospace principles and technology. Three articles in this section can be accessed, despite the listing of all seven. First is an overview of winglets on airplanes, describing their purpose and how they increase performance. The...
Private Manned Space Plane Unveiled

On April 18, 2003, an historic event in space travel was marked by the unveiling of the first private manned spacecraft and launch platform (called SpaceShipOne and White Knight, respectively). Already constructed and in the test flight stage of its development, the project was hidden from the public in order to reveal a finished product rather than just schematics. The news article describes the...
Urban Aeronautics

This Web site introduces the X-Hawk, "a vehicle that has the [vertical takeoff and landing] capability of a helicopter, but without the exposed rotors that make it dangerous or impossible for helicopters to maneuver in complex urban and natural environments." It has received considerable attention from the media, as is apparent from the press clippings provided online. The Film and Downloads...