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Volcanoes -- Computer network resources


View Resource Decade Volcanoes

In the 1990s, the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior started the Decade Volcano Project. As part of their work, they designated sixteen volcanoes particularly worthy of study "because of their explosive histories and close proximity to human populations." The group recently teamed up with National Geographic to create a guide to these volcanoes via this...
View Resource Mount St. Helens Post-Eruption Chemistry Database

The University of Washington Digital Collections unit continues to produce numerous fine digital collections, spanning a variety of disciplines, and this latest offering is no exception. This particular collection is taken from the work of Professor William Zoller at the University of Washington, who documented the first research trips into the blast area around Mount St. Helens in 1980. During a...
View Resource Natural Resources Canada: Volcanoes of Canada

Natural Resources Canada has launched yet another impressive and educational Web site. At this site you can learn all you wanted to know about Canadian volcanoes and volcanology. The site offers an introduction to volcanoes, in-depth sections on types, eruptions, hazards, and risks. You can also discover interesting facts, such as how eruptions in Alaska and the Western coast of the US impact...