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Computer animation -- Computer network resources

View Resource Flash Kit

Flash, a Web browser plug-in developed by Macromedia, is one of the most common applications for creating animated objects and effects in a Web site. This site has a wealth of tutorials and general information about "Flash and related technologies." There are literally hundreds of tutorials for both novices and experienced users. The introductory items explain concepts like basic graphics and...
View Resource Blender 2.46

Are you interested in animation? If so, you might want to take a look at Blender 2.46. This open-source 3D rendering program contains a wide range of essential animation tools, including rendering, modeling, and shading. The program can be quite complicated but the good folks at Blender offer a wide range of tutorials on their site. This version is compatible with computers running Windows 98 and...
View Resource Digital Animators

Getting started in the world of digital animation isn't easy, and it can be useful to have a helpful resource to find out about the current trends in this dynamic field. Fortunately, there is the Digital Animators website which features career-development blogs, tutorials, new software releases, and opinion pieces. First-time visitors can get the flavor of the site by reading a few of the "Top...