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Street art


New York City Signs -- 14th to 42nd Streets

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, thousands of businesses (both small and large) advertised their wares through creative and elaborate signs painted on the sides of buildings. Of course, New York had some of the most interesting, and a few of the most compelling can be found on this website, maintained by Walter Grutchfield. Obviously it would be nearly impossible to document all of them, so...
"Street art" draws attention of the public, potential investors, and law enforcement

Blek le Rat, the man who gave birth to Banksy Banksy [Macromedia Flash Player] Tate Modern: Street Art TIME: Art of the Street Photo...
Street Art with Google Art

According to Allan Schartzman's 1985 book, Street Art, many artists who choose to work outside the context of a traditional studio often do so in an attempt to communicate directly with the public, free from the confines and class boundaries of gallery and museum spaces. This site, from Google Cultural Institute, curates some of that work. To begin, readers will want to scroll down through the...
Coronavirus street art in pictures

COVID-19 has consumed news cycles over the past few months, but this collection, published in The Guardian on April 6, 2020, takes a different angle on its global effect. Titled "Coronavirus street art in pictures," the collection features 23 images from cities around the world, highlighting some common themes and some unique reflections on the way COVID-19 has shaped our lives. In doing so, the...