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View Resource Geological Time Scale

Ride the Web Geological Time Machine at the University of California Museum of Paleontology. Click on an item in the list of 25 geological periods [15 of the 25 periods are available now, the remainder to be completed] and view a page describing each period, its subdivisions, and the life and fossils of that period.
View Resource The Voyage of the Beagle

As part of Knowledge Matters' useful Online Literature Library, interested viewers may now access the full text of Charles Darwin's work The Voyage of the Beagle. From St. Jago and the Cape de Verd Islands to Mauritius and back to England, Darwin describes the voyage (and his thoughts on evolution) herein. The text is reproduced in full, and includes hyperlinked references and footnotes. Students...
View Resource Ask - A - Geologist

Ask-A-Geologist - US Geological Survey offers new Internet service. Have you ever wondered about why there so much oil in Texas, but not in Wisconsin? What are the deepest canyons in the United States? (The answer might surprise you!) While the answers to many of these questions might be as close as an encyclopedia, some questions are difficult to answer without checking many sources. The USGS...
View Resource Carbon Storage and Late Holocene Chronostratigraphy of a Mississippi River Deltaic Marsh, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana

The US Geological Survey has placed online this document on Carbon storage and Late Holocene chronostratigraphy of a Mississippi River marsh. Available in HTML or .pdf format, the report provides data (30 Tables and Figures) and interpretation of geologic and hydrogeological information, C-14 age determinations and analysis, biochronostratigraphy, and compositional analysis.
View Resource Icelandic Geology Resources

The main feature of this site from Hamrahlio College of Reykjavik, Iceland is an interactive geological map of Iceland showing lava flows and glaciers. Other highlights include links to related Icelandic geology pages (e.g., The Effect of Diatom Mining, Iceland's Ministry of the Environment), news sources and journals, and Icelandic geological societies (not all are in English). A recommended...
View Resource Magma Mixing

Created by the Earth and Ocean Sciences Department at the University of British Columbia, this module on magma mixing is based on ideas and theories taken from papers authored by Stephen Blake and Gregory N. Ivey. A short movie, which can be viewed at the site, shows a lab experiment where two different magmas are mixed to form a hybrid magma. Users can then peruse information (including...
View Resource Illustrated Glossary of Alpine Glacial Landforms

The Illustrated Glossary of Alpine Glacial Landforms is maintained by the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point's Department of Geology and Geography. This simple but well done site lists over twenty landforms as either an erosional landform, depositional landform, or an ice feature -- each including a brief description. Clicking on the corresponding link brings up a page with a photograph, a...
View Resource Understanding Our Planet Through Chemistry

The Central Region's Mineral Resource Surveys Understanding Our Planet Through Chemistry Web site shows how chemists and geologists use analytical chemistry to determine the age of the Earth. The various topics covered include: elements, isotopes, and radioactivity; global change in the geologic past; cleaning up coal burning; and mapping stream sediments for resource exploration, among others....
View Resource Geological Survey Program

If your research or interests lie in the geology of South Dakota, then the state's Geological Survey Program Web site is for you. Offered are online publications and maps, a geologic reference database, a lithologic logs database, digital base maps, a water quality database, and several other quality information sources worth checking out.
View Resource Database of Zeolite Structures

The Database of Zeolite Structures is provided by the Structure Commission of the International Zeolite Association. Links include an Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types, Collection of Simulated XRD Powder Patterns for Zeolites, Catalog of Disordered Zeolite Structures, Schemes for Building Zeolite Framework Models, and Zeolite Structure References, as well as various publications. The database can...
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