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View Resource What Do Maps Show?

The United States Geological Survey's Learning Web site Working with Maps contains a complete Web-based lesson for students between grades 5 and 8. The site introduces the basic concepts related to cartography, including the definition of a map, various map types, and information that you can find on them. Printable activity sheets are available for download, covering four lessons: Introduction to...
View Resource Countries A to Z

The free access portion of the Atlapedia Online site, Countries A to Z, provides an attractive political and physical map of each country of the world, including basic information such as its capital, system of government, population, geography, climate, religions, languages, currency, modern history, trading partners, exports, military, and more. Giving students of any age access to interesting...
View Resource Resources for Geographers

Maintained by Lance Christian and Kenneth Foote of the University of Colorado at Boulder Department of Geography, the Resources for Geographers Web site is an excellent source of information on the Internet for geographers. Links are offered for search engines, online journals, professional associations, research organizations, map collections, geo-spatial datasets, newsgroups and listservers,...
View Resource Geoexplorer

With the recent announcement that American students are falling further and further behind in their knowledge of the world, the Geoexplorer site is truly a sight for sore eyes, especially to those attempting to impart geographical and geophysical knowledge to young minds. Alive with information of all sorts, Geoexplorer supports research and learning at all levels, with maps, images,...
View Resource National Geographic GeoBee Challenge

This site is associated with the National Geographic Society's (NGS) Geographic Bee, an annual national competition where students answer a wide variety of geography related questions. To encourage learning along these same lines, the GeoBee Challenge is a brief online quiz of five geography related questions similar to the ones in the "real Bee." The intent is to promote geography learning and...
View Resource Maps That Teach: US and World Geography

Created by Owl and Mouse Educational Software, this resource uses interactive maps to teach geography. The site provides both Map Puzzles and Interactive Maps. Map Puzzles are downloadable and must be run on Windows. They challenge users to piece together the States of the United States or the countries of the world's continents, depending on the puzzle used. Interactive Maps allow users to move...
View Resource Test Your Geography Knowledge

Provided by Web site creator Lyndsey Mania and, the Test Your Geography Knowledge interactive quiz gives students a fun way to learn geography. Users choose a region of the world; click on the state, country, ocean, or other feature requested; and are told whether they’re right or wrong and their total score. A simple yet effective learning tool for kids.
View Resource was created by the maps company Graphic Maps in an "effort to aid students, teachers, travelers and parents with their geography and map questions." The information-rich site lets users explore countries of the world through a wide array of maps, descriptions, current times, flags, populations, land size, and links to other relevant sites. Other items of interest include geography...
View Resource TEACH Great Lakes

The TEACH Great Lakes Web site is provided by the Great Lakes Information Network (last mentioned in the September 15, 1995 Scout Report). The site features online lessons specific to Great Lakes subjects such as the environment, geography, and pollution. Students can begin with the Introduction to the Great Lakes module and then move on to learn about water levels, shoreline geology, water...
View Resource The Nations Report Card: Geography 2001

Released in June 2002, this 168-page report offers a comprehensive overview of the state of geography education in the 4th, 8th, and 12th grades across the United States. Administered by the National Center for Education Statistics in the US Department of Education, the report presents the results of the sample survey of student achievement in geography, along with comparing the results to the...
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