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Weather -- Pictorial works


Weather Photography

Ph.D. student Harald Edens describes himself as a "photographer of lightning, clouds, atmospheric optical phenomena and astronomy". His Web site entitled Weather Photography proves this by providing a stunning collection of photographs and movies of atmospheric optics, lightning, clouds, and astronomy. The author describes how the photographs were taken, what equipment was used, and even discusses...
Snow Crystals

The Snow Crystals Web site was created by physics professor Ken Libbrecht from the California Institute of Technology. Visitors get to explore how snow crystals are created and their structure. The main page describes natural and designer snowflakes, which are created in the laboratory, along with dozens of spectacular photographs. The author also details and illustrates the crystalline lattice...
NOAA Weather Education

NOAA offers links to a variety of educational materials on meteorology, hydrology, climatology, and other weather-related fields for children, teens, and young adults at this website. Students can find websites where they can learn about hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, and floods through interactive games. Teachers can find lightning safety presentations, satellite images, lightning photos, and...