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ENNOnline: The Environmental Science Supersite

ENN Online, provided by Environmental News Network Inc., offers a number of different services which deliver environmental information and resources. One such service is Planet ENN, a free online magazine published weekly. It includes articles covering various environmental topics. This weeks' Planet ENN includes articles on wildlife filmmaking, poaching in Russia, and earth-friendly living. ENN...
Committee for the National Institute for the Environment (CNIE)

This site is intended to provide information on the NIE whose mission is "to improve the scientific basis for making decisions on environmental issues." The site includes information on the origin of the NIE, its accomplishments, and its current activities. Also included are sections on membership, fund-raising, and financial and legislative sponsors. The highlight of the site, however, is the...
Environmental Career Center

This jobs listing service, provided by Environmental Careers World, an environmental position recruiting firm, posts announcements ranging from field assistants, to post-doctoral positions, to faculty positions. The site lists positions in and out of the US, with universities, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. Sites are briefly listed with hyperlinks to more complete...
Grand Challenges in Environmental Sciences

This title from the National Academy Press (NAP) is accessible in its entirety online. Requested by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and written by the National Academies's National Research Council, this report identifies and describes eight important areas of environmental research for the next generation. Not in order of importance, these challenges are Biogeochemical Cycles, Biodiversity...
Planet Pals

Created by designer, illustrator, and educator Judith Ann Gorgone, the Planet Pals Web site provides good material for young kids related to the health of the planet. The colorful pages contain basic information about the earth, energy, recycling, water conservation, pollution, and more. The fun and interactive Meet the Planet Pals area is especially interesting, where kids can listen to animated...
Environmental Science & Technology

The latest issue of Environmental Science & Technology has recently been made available by the American Chemical Societies Publications Web site. The June 15th, 2002 issue contains over thirty articles, which can be viewed for free online or via PDF file. Current articles include Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Indoor and Outdoor Air of Three Cities in the US, Solid-Solution Speciation and...

Offered by the Tata Energy Research Institute, the EduGreen Explore Web site allows kids to learn about energy, water, climate change, solid waste, and more. Besides giving good descriptions on these various subjects, students will also gain a global perspective on these issues since the Institute, which is located in India, gives specific information for the country. The site also contains...
CSIRO Marine Research

Offered by Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), CSIRO Marine Research Web site contains multiple levels of valuable information. The organization's mission is to "understand its oceans by conducting research in the sustainable use of Australia's marine resources, the ocean's role in climate, and the effective conservation of the marine ecosystem...
Hypography Sci-Tech

Hypography Sci-Tech is an intriguing Internet portal to some of the more obscure, yet profound, discoveries and scientific developments around the globe. The site "aims to provide popular science and technology content to a general, world-wide audience on a daily basis." Besides including links and references to original work, the author provides a unique perspective of the topics' implications....

The Nitrogen and Phosphorus Knowledge Web page is offered by Iowa State University Extension and the College of Agriculture. The publications page contains links to various newsletters, articles, publications, power point presentations, links to governmental publications, and more. For example, visitors will find articles written on phosphorous within the Integrated Crop Management Newsletter,...
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