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The Whole Internet... By E-Mail

"Dr. Bob" Rankin has recently updated "The Whole Internet... By E-Mail," a comprehensive guide for using email to access all types of Internet sites. The guide provides examples of email access to information available on FTP, Gopher, WWW, Usenet, WAIS, Listserv, Finger, and "Directory Assistance" (Whois and Netfind) sites. If a user lacks full Internet connectivity but wishes to take advantage of...

Mecklermedia provides this search engine that covers all things Internet. The Lycos powered search engine contains sites selected by (Mecklermedia) editors. However, this is a search index, not a subject directory, as the large amount of retrieval from simple queries (in the hundreds of thousands) aptly demonstrates. Users must skillfully apply the sparse syntactical tools available...
Dr. Dobbs TechNetcast

Dr. Dobbs TechNetcast, produced by Dr. Dobbs Journal and the Pseudo Online Network, broadcasts live shows every Friday afternoon covering a wide range of Internet topics. Past topics include C++, Dynamic HTML, Java, Web Graphic Design, and Internet Security. Each show, hosted by Philippe Lourier, features an expert special guest. The shows are archived and can be viewed using RealPlayer....

The Internet Technical Group, "a community for professionals from industry, academia and government organizations who share a common interest in Internet technologies and related behavioral phenomena," provides this new irregularly issued publication that concentrates on web usability, among other areas. The first issue contains articles on user-centered web design, the Log Annotation Device (LAD)...

Billing itself "the net's most comprehensive source of information about the Internet," this site from computer scientist Bill Stewart offers an excellent overview of the Internet and its six main technologies. The site is divided into seven sections, covering the Internet, E-Mail, the World Wide Web, Usenet Newsgroups, Internet Relay Chat, Multi-User Dimensions, and Mailing Lists. "Each section...
Freedom House: Press Freedom Survey 2000

Published by Freedom House, a non-partisan advocacy organization for democracy and human rights worldwide founded by Eleanor Roosevelt, Wendell Willkie, and others, the 2000 edition of the Press Freedom Survey offers a "country-by-country worldwide assessment of press freedom." This year's study, which examines freedom of the press in 186 countries, pays special attention to government...
State of the Internet 2000

Recently released, this report from the US Internet Council (USIC) and International Technology & Trade Associates, Inc. (ITTA) offers an "overview of recent Internet trends and examines how the Internet is affecting both business and social relationships around the world." This year's report pays special attention to the increasingly international nature of the Internet and the rapid emergence of...
E-Rate and the Digital Divide: A Preliminary Analysis From the Integrated Studies of Educational Technology

Funded by the Department of Education, this report offers the first comprehensive consideration of the effects of the Universal Service Fund for Schools and Libraries (known as the "E-Rate") created as part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 "to provide discounts on the cost of telecommunications services and equipment to all public and private schools and libraries." The specific aim of the...

MyBookmarks is a free Internet service that allows registered users to access their bookmarks from anywhere at anytime. The full-featured editor makes it easy to organize and search online bookmarks, and from the interface, users can export them back to their browser to use locally. Furthermore, MyBookmarks provides the option of making some or all bookmarks publicly accessible.
Becoming WebWise

Sponsored by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Becoming Webwise is an online course for the novice Internet user that wants to learn at his/her own pace. The course consists of eight sections that take users through the Internet basics in a simple and easy-to-follow format. Becoming WebWise covers topics such as getting connected, emailing, searching, bookmarking, creating address books,...
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