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Text editors (Computer programs) -- Software

Hot Lingo 2.0

This handy little application offers form and applet spell checking for Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher, something that will be useful for persons looking to perform spell-checking in a number of settings and applications. Hot Lingo utilizes a 75,000 word English dictionary, and with this version, users can create a customizable dictionary that contains up to 32,000 additional words. Their Web...
EasyOffice+PDF Filter 8.0

This free version of EasyOffice is an office suite package that is compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe pdf files. Some of the programs include a dictionary, a notepad, a calculator, an image editor, and a diagram creation device. Additionally, EasyOffice is available in a host of different languages, including Turkish, Spanish, Chinese, and German. This version of EasyOffice is...
Foxit Reader 3.0

Foxit Reader was created to provide an alternative to Adobe Reader, and it seems to succeed quite nicely on all fronts. Foxit Reader allows users to draw graphics, highlight text, type text, and make notes on PDF documents, and then save the entire thing (or print it out). This version is compatible with computers running Windows Me and newer.
SeaMonkey 2.0.2

Designed as an "all-in-one" Internet application, the SeaMonkey application contains a browser, an image manager, junk mail controls, a RSS feed manager, and a HTML editor. Of course, these are but a few of its many features, and visitors can also weave their way through the application's homepage to view release notes, screenshots, and a complete list of its features. This version of SeaMonkey is...
Foxit Reader 4.0

Designed as a free alternative to other proprietary software programs, Foxit Reader allows users to view, modify, and print pdf documents. Visitors will find helpful support documents, along with the ability to mark-up text, replace text, and also insert images and drawings. This version is compatible with computers running Windows XP, Vista, and 7.
Scratchpad 6.0

Scratchpad is "a quick-and-dirty note taking tool with a minimum of frills." It was designed specifically for students and programmers to document code changes as they happen. This will save programmers from having an extra program on their taskbar. This handy utility is compatible with all operating systems.
Critic Markup

Everyone's a critic, but some of those critics use Markdown, Sublime Text, or other text editors instead of word. The CriticMarkup tool allows authors and editors to track changes to documents in plain text, which is most useful. Visitors can use the program to highlight insertions, deletions, substitutions, and comments. To see a full list of tools that Critic Markup is integrated with, visit the...
Fidus Writer

The Fidus Writer is an application that academics will be most excited to learn about. This version functions as an online collaborative editor made specifically for academics who need to use citations and formulas. The program is focused on the content rather than the layout, which means users can publish it later in a variety of formats. The site also contains an FAQ and information about...

Brackets is a text editor designed especially for front-end web developers. Web development workflow often involves jumping between the HTML, Javascript, and CSS files that comprise a site. Many other editors support this workflow by allowing users to open multiple files in tabs. Brackets supports tabs too, but also provides an "inline editor" feature that can quickly open related files. For...

Bluefish is a lightweight yet powerful text editor written for programmers and web developers. It seeks to fill the niche between simple text editors (Notepad, Text Edit) and full-fledged integrated development environments (Eclipse, IntelliJ). Because of its small resource footprint, Bluefish can simultaneously work across many dozens of files even on very modest hardware like netbooks. It has...
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