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Online databases.


SRI International: SRI's Digital Earth Project

SRI International is a research institute with interests in engineering, information technology, and a variety of other fields. One of its current projects is dubbed Digital Earth, an effort "to create an open infrastructure that allows anyone around the globe to publish or to search for data based upon a specific location." This report describes the multiple technologies that are being integrated...
Architectures for Intrusion Tolerant Database Systems

The Cyber Security Group at Pennsylvania State University is developing database software that can detect "attacks by malicious transactions" and repair the database with no interruption. This research paper proposes five different schemes for implementing such a system, with each one building on the previous. Some of the main goals for the schemes are automatic damage repair, attack isolation to...
Research Electronic Data Capture

The Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) Consortium includes over 790 institutional partners in 61 countries. The group has been set up to encourage the use of the REDCap application, which is designed to allow users to build and manage online surveys and databases quickly and securely. The information on the site is contained within seven different sections, including Software, Consortium...