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Fiber optics

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View Resource Communications Engineering and Design: The Premier Magazine of Broadband Technology

Communications Engineering and Design (CED) magazine offers a wide range of free resources on broadband technology, fiber optics, and much more. One of the most interesting sections of the monthly publication is the inDEPTH feature, a series of reports from CED's editors. Past inDEPTH topics include digital television encryption and wireless technologies. Standards and regulatory issues are posted...
View Resource FSO: Free Space Optics

This enlightening Web site introduces the concept of Free Space Optics (FSO), a method of optical communication that uses lasers or light-emitting diodes as a means of data transmission. As long as there is a direct line of sight between two locations, there exists a potential for using FSO technology. Since the speed of light in air is faster than in the glass of fiber optics, "it is fair to...
View Resource Fiber Optics

SFGate: SBC and Microsoft SBC Communications Inc. How Stuff Works: How Fiber Optics Work Fiber Optic Reference Guide: A Brief History PC World: Has Your Broadband Had Its...