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Glaciers -- Study and teaching

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View Resource Melting Glaciers

Due to the potential disastrous consequences to the environment and to numerous societies, scientists, governments, and civilians are concerned with the growing trend of glacial melt. This topic-in-depth explores various geographic regions where this phenomenon has recently been observed. Providing background into the study of glaciology, this report begins with a Web site (1) discussing the...
View Resource All about glaciers

The National Snow and Ice Data Center created this website to educate everyone, from grade school students to glaciologists, about glaciers. At the Data and Science link, researchers can learn about glaciological organizations, publications, and research projects as well as how to obtain glacial data. Students and educators can find a glaciology glossary, answers to many of their questions, and...
View Resource Earth Revealed

What goes on during an earthquake? Who came up with the theory of plate tectonics? What can the fossil record tell us about the evolution of life on Earth? These are all fine questions, and students and educators with a thirst for geological knowledge will find the answers to these (and many more) questions in the "Earth Revealed" television series. Offered as part of the Annenberg Media website,...
View Resource MIT OpenCourseWare: Introduction to Geology

If you are having difficulty remembering the details of the Earth's geological structure or the nature of major minerals and rock types, you can consult this excellent introductory course offered as part of MIT's OpenCourseWare initiative. The materials are drawn from Professors Perron and Jagoutz's 2011 "Introduction to Geology" course, and they include a number of lecture notes, available for...