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Math Magic

Math Forum (formerly from Swarthmore College, discussed in the October 20, 1995 issue of The Scout Report) hosts this website of materials from the MathMagic K-12 telecommunications project developed in El Paso, Texas by Alan A. Hodson. The project aims to "provide motivation for students to use computer technology while increasing problem-solving strategies and communications skills." Materials...
Welcome to Zona Land: Education in Physics and Mathematic

Zona Land, created by Ed Zobel, is a science and mathematics resource site for students and teachers. The site illustrates mathematical and physical principles by the use of Java applets and VRML simulations. The Science section contains the Physics Department (mechanics, waves and light), EZ Graph, and EZ Evaluator. EZ Graph allows the user to view the graph of a desired function. Evaluator is...
Finite Mathematics & Applied Calculus Resource Page

Stefan Waner and Steven Costenoble of Hofstra University's Department of Mathematics (mentioned in the February 14, 1997 Scout Report) provide the Finite Mathematics & Applied Calculus Resource Website as a parallel resource for their textbook on these subjects. This excellent resource offers a plethora of opportunities for the user to enhance his or her mathematical skills. Sections included at...
Princeton University: Annals of Mathematics

The Annals of Mathematics is a bimonthly publication, which is "intended to serve the mathematical community." Originally, founded in 1884 by Ormond Stone of the University of Virginia, and later published by Harvard University, the Annals are now published by Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study. The website provides information for authors, including submission guidelines...
Topology Atlas

Hosted by York University, with support from University of Florida, University of Tennessee at Martin, Nipissing University, York University, and the University of Milan, the Topology Atlas Website calls itself a publisher of information related to topology. The site amounts to a vast repository of documents for mathematicians and others interested in topology. A preprints section offers documents...
Metamath Proof Explorer Home Page

Theoretical mathematicians, behold the wondrous Metamath Proof Explorer! This site consists of interconnected Webpages containing over 3,000 completely worked out proofs in logic and set theory. "Each proof is pieced together with razor-sharp precision using simple rules, allowing almost anyone with a technical bent to follow it without difficulty. With point-and-click links, every step can be...
L-Functions and Random Matrix Theory

This site highlights some of the conjectures and open problems concerning L-functions, with emphasis on the areas in which there has been recent progress using results from Random Matrix Theory. The main page's index links to short articles on such topics as the GUE Hypothesis, Zeros and Primes, and Extremal Problems. The site comes from the American Institute of Mathematics, which has posted...
Combinatorial Structures

This site is the online material for Colorado University-Denver's course Math 6406, Combinatorial Structures. The information found here should be helpful to both students and professors of combinatorics. Thorough lecture notes, with references, cover topics such as Latin squares, Hadamard matrices, finite fields and geometries, coding theory, and block design. The class handout "A Short Course in...
The Zero Saga

We have heard of calling someone "a total zero" as an insult, but what does "zero" really mean? This thoughtful and informative Website from Dr. Hossein Arsham, Wright Distinguished Research Professor of Statistics and Management Science at the University of Baltimore, discusses the history and philosophy of zero. Items presented include arguments for and against dividing by zero, the ideas of...
Official Scoring Site of the International Mathematical Olympiad 2001

Held in Washington DC this July, the 2001 International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) attracted talented young mathematicians from 83 nations. The contestants, all under 20 years old and without any post-secondary-school education, had two days to answer six grueling math problems. Visitors to this Website from the IMO (sponsored by Wolfram Research) can learn a little about the history of the IMO,...
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