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Fossils -- Study and teaching

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Learning from the Fossil Record

Another interesting and helpful resource from the University of California Berkeley Museum of Paleontology is the Learning from the Fossil Record Web site. Educators will find a list of over twenty fossil related classroom activities presented by different authors with titles such as Building a Topographic Model, Determining the Age Of Rocks and Fossils, Fossilization and Adaptation, the Dinosaur...
Discovering Fossils: Fossil Tools & Resources

Fossil enthusiasts Roy Shephard and Luci Algar combined their professional skills in media and education to develop this informative and entertaining website. Designed to be educational and accessible to children, this site presents a wide variety of information about fossils. The site contains a nice collection of images and diagrams; and includes a fossils guide for beginners, information on...
Valdosta State University's Virtual Museum of Fossils

Valdosta State University's Virtual Museum of Fossils offers information on animals since the Precambrian era. The website offers two navigation options. In the Find an Animal section, users can view fossils by clicking on different areas of the geologic timescales for Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes, Invertebrates, and Vertebrates. In the Choose a Time section, students can learn about the major...
Life in the Palaeozoic

The Open University in Britain is well-known for its efforts to bring higher education to persons across the world. As of late, they have also been expanding their online offerings for the general public by making course materials available on their "OpenLearn" site. This particular course will take interested parties into the world of the Palaeozoic era. Through six different topical sections,...