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View Resource The Nutrition Source: Knowledge for Healthy Eating

The Harvard School of Public Health set up this Web site to serve as a thorough source of scholarly material on the subjects of nutrition and healthy eating. As the site notes, "we explore the latest science about healthy eating for adults, answering key questions about what you should eat." The site is divided into sections such as Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fiber, each of which features an...
View Resource Famed Weight-Loss Doctor Passes Away

As a result of injuries sustained in a fall on April 8th, the well-known nutrition guru Dr. Robert Atkins passed away this past Friday. Dr. Atkins was best known for his controversial, yet often lauded, approach to dieting and staying healthy. After he moved to New York to start his medical practice, he noticed that he rapidly gained weight, soon tipping the scales at 225 pounds. After reading an...