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Radio broadcasting -- History

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The Museum of Broadcast Communications

It is not surprising that Chicago, home of such radio personalities as Paul Harvey and Studs Terkel, should also be the home of the Museum of Broadcast Communications, one of only two museums dedicated to broadcast history in the United States. Persons doing research on broadcast history will find the online archive most helpful, as it contains a searchable database of 13,000 television programs,...
United States Early Radio History

The history of technology, particularly of communicative technologies such as the radio, is often overlooked by scholars. With this in mind, Thomas H. White has developed this fine site containing "articles and extracts about early radio and related technologies, concentrating on the United States in the period from 1897 to 1927." The site itself is divided into four large sections, ordered by...
Classic Books on the Internet #3: Telecommunications, Mass Media, and Democracy: The Battle for the Control of U.S. Broadcasting, 1928-1935

This article reviews Robert W. McChesney's book chronicling the early history of the United States government's regulation of radio. Government regulation, McChesney finds, institutionalized a system of corporate control of the airwaves, even while other alternatives were readily available. The reviewer mentions similarities between the struggle over the radio waves and struggles that concern...
BBC History: Audio and Video

Known around the world for its fine radio and television documentaries, the BBC has selected a number of audio and video clips from some of the more recent programs and placed them on this site for the Web-browsing public to peruse. Spanning several millennia, the two sections of audio clips hone in on the World War One experience and the experiences of different individuals in ancient Egypt. Both...
New American Radio

It's quite unusual that a long-defunct radio program would garner a new website, but this is the case with the New American Radio (NAR) show. During its 10-year run, NAR commissioned and distributed over 300 original works, including conceptual new drama works, language explorations, sonic meditations, and works that "pioneer new dimensions in acoustic space." On the site's homepage, visitors can...