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View Resource Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library

The goal of the Networked Computer Science Technical Report Library (NCSTRL, pronounced "ancestral") is to provide access to research papers produced at over 60 computer science departments and laboratories worldwide. Users may browse an institution's collection by author or year of publication, or may search through either a simple or an advanced interface. The site aims to advance the field of...
View Resource Ethics In Computing

Created and maintained by Professor Edward F. Gehringer of North Carolina State University, this site offers a good selection of thoughtful articles and essays on a series of topics related to ethics in computing. The writings are organized in eight categories accessed via an interactive map. These include privacy, intellectual property, speech issues, and social justice issues, among others....
View Resource Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE)

The National Science Foundation's (NSF) Directorate of Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) promotes basic research and education in the computer and information sciences and engineering, and helps maintain the nation's preeminence in these fields. The CISE Directorate largely funded the NSFNET backbone from 1987-1995. The CISE Programs section of the Web site points to...
View Resource AI Topics: A Dynamic Library of Introductory Information About Artificial Intelligence

This site, operated by the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), is a great starting point for people who want to learn more about the rapidly growing world of artificial intelligence (AI). AI Topics acts as a central hub for an enormous collection of material that exists on the Web. The links given on the site offer a wide range of information, including basic definitions of...
View Resource Applied Soft Computing: Elsevier Science

Debuting in March 2001, Applied Soft Computing is the official, online journal of the World Federation on Soft Computing. The journal focuses on "Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computing, Rough Sets and other similar techniques to address real world complexities." Applications of soft computing are very diverse, ranging from pattern recognition to telecommunications. The most recent...
View Resource ElsevierComputerScience

Yet another specialized repository from Elsevier Science, this Web site is a platform that provides access to many publications and research papers related to computer science. Full text is available for over 70 specialized journals. There are often promotions for journals that grant free online access for a trial period. This is the case for Applied Soft Computing, which is available to the...
View Resource Atrevida: Game Programming Tutorials

Although it is labeled as an introduction to PC game programming, the tutorials given on Atrevida additionally cover many aspects of mathematics and general computer science. A modest background in the C language is suggested, but many of the sections involve more theory than actual programming. There are nearly twenty topics that explain basic computer operation, graphics programming, and the...
View Resource MSRI: Streaming Video Archive

The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) maintains an impressive archive of streaming video lectures and presentations. This site contains archives of the videos from various workshops and special topics held before 2004. From the Fall of 2002, of particular interest is the "Introductory Workshop in Quantum Computation." It consists of fifteen lectures, each with complete textual slides...
View Resource Fact Monster: Science

Fact Monster, the online reference and fun fact Web site, has some new and old features that kids interested in science will enjoy. The Almanac Section contains a wealth of information on everything from the environment, stars and planets, and weather, to other life science subjects. Special features include a daily weather fact, games and quizzes, a box to input a year to get interesting science...
View Resource PC Lube and Tune

The objective of PC Lube and Tune "is to supply usable introductions, tutorials, and education on technical subjects to the large audience of computer users." For example, an article added January 20, 2003, looks at the history and evolution of the graphical user interface. The author demonstrates how computers interpret items such as the mouse, toolbars, and menus. Another article explains the...
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