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Invasive plants -- United States

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View Resource National Invasive Species Management Plan

In February 1999, an Executive Order by President Clinton established the National Invasive Species Council (NISC) to take a leadership role in dealing with invasive species issues. As part of that order, NISC has prepared a plan "to minimize the economic and ecological impacts and the harm to animal and human health associated with invasive species." This document, "National Management Plan:...
View Resource Invasive Plant Atlas of New England

Many persons have grown increasingly concerned about various invasive species, and despite the scientific debates about what constitutes such a species, ecologists and others will find this site quite helpful. Drawing on support from the USDA, this project was developed by the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department of the University of Connecticut, the New England Wildflower Society, and...
View Resource Herds of goats enlisted in the fight against kudzu

Invasive Species: Plants: Kudzu [pdf] Kudzu-Goat Interactions [pdf] James Dickey: Kudzu Kudzu Recipes "Ode to Billy Goats" [Quick...
View Resource U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Invasive Species

The basic definition of an invasive species is "one that is not native to an ecosystem and which causes, or is likely to cause, economic or environmental health or harm to human health." The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is quite concerned with such species, as their primary responsibility is "the conservation of the nation's fish, wildlife, and plants." The materials here are divided into seven...