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Alternative fuel vehicles -- Research

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Electric Vehicle History Online Archive

This website is self-proclaimed as the "first online archive created to encourage electric vehicle enthusiasts to help preserve the recent history of electric vehicles." A wide variety of information is presented, ranging from performance data and historical policy documents to retrospective articles and amusing forecasts of electric vehicle technology from decades past. The operators of the...
Institute of Transportation Studies at UC-Davis

Organized in 1991, the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS) at the University of California-Davis has become an internationally recognized center for both applied research and overall scholarship in the field of transportation, serving as a home for 50 affiliated faculty members and a number of graduate students. Here visitors can learn about the Institute, read about educational...
Hybrid Vehicles

The first site takes you to the very informative essay at Motor Trend's site on its car of the year, the Toyota Prius (1). The next site is from the Union of Concerned Scientists. This great resource, called Clean Vehicles, offers all sorts of info about vehicles for the future (2). The Department of Energy's Hybrid Electric Vehicle Program page (3 ) offers lots of good information about the...
Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

While Scout recently reported on hybrid automobiles from the current make and model point of view, this topic in depth explores the history and technology of electric and hybrid cars and considers the options available for car buyers and the future of fuel cell technology. This article from the Detroit News suggests electric vehicles are becoming popular (1). The second website (1) provides an...

As global dependence on fossil fuels is increasingly called into question, many nations, organizations, and individuals are exploring the use of biodiesel, a renewable fuel derived from vegetable oils (or animal fat), as an alternative power source. The first website presents (1) Biodiesel America, "a campaign whose mission is to change 100,000 diesel school busses to biodiesel by 2010." Biodiesel...
U.S. Department of Energy: Clean Cities

Keeping cities clean and "green" is at the top of many policy makers lists these days, and the "Clean Cities" initiative at the U.S. Department of Energy is a great place to learn more about everything from alternative fuel sources to hybrid vehicles. Visitors to the site can sign up for their free electronic newsletter, take a look through the alternative fuels and advanced vehicles data center,...