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Biological diversity -- Study and teaching

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View Resource Bioprospecting: Medicine Quest

Actionbioscience (last mentioned in the September 20, 2002 Scout Report) offers two lesson plans on ethnobotany and biodiversity based on an interview with Mark Plotkin, author of the popular book A Tale of a Shaman's Apprentice. The lesson plans that accompany this interview can be found under Educator's Resources at the bottom of the page, along with numerous links to additional resources and...
View Resource Biodiversity Counts

This extensive collection of activities from the American Museum of Natural History offers middle school students "an exciting and creative context for involving students in the scientific process while introducing them to the rich diversity and beauty of their local ecosystem." Lesson plans, Web-based interactive activities, useful Web links, profiles of AMNH scientists and staff, and other...
View Resource Biodiversity of Mexico: Fauna, Flora and Ecology

Designed as a vehicle for showcasing the extraordinary biological diversity of Mexico, this well-designed site is rather user-friendly, and provides a host of material about the flora and fauna of the country. Visitors can dive right in by looking through the "Animals," "Plants," or "Places" sections of the site. Within each section, visitors can read brief essays, search for various animals or...
View Resource Edward O. Wilson

Edward O. Wilson is a name synonymous with ants, sociobiology, and biodiversity. And it's a name that more often than not appears with a mile-long list of accolades trailing it. The University of Alabama offers a more personable introduction to this celebrated scientist, one of the University's most distinguished alums (1). The next site is the homepage of the Department of Entomology at Harvard's...
View Resource IPGRI: International Plant Genetic Resources Institute

This website is the homepage of the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI), "an international research institute with a mandate to advance the conservation and use of genetic diversity for the well-being of present and future generations." The site is packed with informative resources on agricultural biodiversity, including IPGRI breaking news, downloadable publications, links to...
View Resource World Wildlife Fund: Games

Games are a great medium for introducing kids to complex topics like biodiversity. From the World Wildlife Fund, this website offers an inventive and fun collection of biodiversity games. The interactive games are designed for middle-school students and include a Virtual Safari, a Mapping Biodiversity game, a genetic diversity game, and more. The site also features a trailer for Biodiversity 911,...