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Cells -- Study and teaching

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View Resource Cell Biology Animation

Available in English and six other languages, this interactive site provides dynamic insight into the lives of cells. Readers may select from just under two dozen categories, including Amino Acids, DNA, Mitosis, and many others. Each section harbors a new activity that explains an aspect of how cells work. For instance, readers may select Meiosis, which will pull up a cell that is ready to divide....

View Resource Wisconsin Online Resource Center: Construction of the Cell Membrane

Hosted by the Wisconsin Online Resource Center, this fun and informative web-based tutorial on the Construction of the Cell Membrane was created by Barbara Liang and Chad Blohowiak. Although the site content is geared for an older audience, the tutorial is so clear and easy to navigate that younger students curious about cells will enjoy it as well. Through the process of building the molecular...
View Resource Palomar College: Biological Basis of Heredity

This online tutorial on the Biological Basis of Heredity was developed by Dennis O'Neil of the Behavioral Sciences Department at Palomar College. The tutorial provides information about five main topics: Basic Cell Structures, Cell Reproduction, Recombination and Linkage, Sex Linked Genes, and Molecular Level of Genetics. Students wishing to review content material from the different topic areas...
View Resource Inside the Cell

The National Institutes of Health's National Institute of General Medical Sciences is committed to "basic discoveries for better health." Part of their work includes reaching out to the public through science education publications and online resources. This particular resource allows interested parties to explore the interior design of cells. The electronic booklet contains five chapters, a...
View Resource Cell Biology Online Videos

The iBioSeminars are dedicated to bringing the world's best biology to you. They do deliver, and these lectures can be used in the classroom or for personal edification. On this site, visitors can find over a dozen lectures by professors from the University of Utah, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, MIT, and other schools. Lectures include Tissue Engineering, Fruits of the Genome Sequence, and...

View Resource Cellular Neurobiology

Offered as part of MIT's Open CourseWare initiative, this course serves as an introduction to the structure and function of the nervous system. The course was developed by Professors Troy Littleton and William Quinn with an emphasis on "the cellular properties of neurons and other excitable cells." The materials are divided into six areas, including Lecture Notes, Readings, Syllabus, Assignments,...

View Resource ATCC: The Global Bioresource Center

The American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) is a professional science group based in Manassas, Virginia. Its Learning Center page is a great way for interested parties to learn about upcoming research and scientific projects. The ATCC Newsletters area offer another great place to start and users can peruse two newsletters entitled, "Cell Passages" and "Micro Scoop." The Resources for Cell Biology...