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Computers -- Power supply

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View Resource IEEE P802.3af: DTE Power via MDI Task Force

A task force of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is investigating the possibility of feeding power over Ethernet data lines. Although computer systems will not be able to be run from one all-purpose Ethernet/ power outlet, many other small Internet-enabled devices could be. For example, access points for wireless local area networks could be installed without requiring a...
View Resource Power Evaluation of a Handheld Computer

In this case study from researchers at Hewlett-Packard, the power characteristics of a handheld computer were evaluated. The purpose of the study was to shed some light on how battery operated handhelds consume power under representative workloads, possibly leading to more efficient "low-power design and power management." Experimental procedures and results are presented for extensive battery...
View Resource Compile-Time Dynamic Voltage Scaling Settings: Opportunities and Limits

The Parapet research group at Princeton University focuses on power-related issues in computer hardware and software design. Citing the importance of power efficiency both in mobile applications as well as in the general goal of shrinking technology sizes on chips, the authors of this paper discuss the role of dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) in managing power during runtime. This interesting...