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View Resource BIOSCI/BIONET Electronic Newsgroup Network for Biology

BIOSCI is a set of Usenet newsgroups and parallel email forums designed to facilitate communication between bioscience professionals. At the heart of the site is a very briefly annotated listing of the over 100 Usenet BIOSCI newsgroups, each with browsable and searchable archives. It also contains searchable and browsable table of contents lists for over 80 subject-specific journals. In addition,...
View Resource Future e-access to the primary literature

This new online debate hosted by Nature explores "the most crucial and talked-about aspect of scientific publishing -- the impact of the web on the publication of original research." At the center of this debate will be the "The Public Library of Science" (PLS) initiative, an attempt to force publishers to place archived reports of original research into centralized, freely available, and...
View Resource The New Net: Grid Services for Distributed System Integration

This paper appeared in the June 2002 issue of the IEEE Computer journal. It discusses the evolution of the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA), a standard that will define common mechanisms for use in different grid computing applications. Because grid technologies are being used more often for scientific research and intense computations, a universal set of semantics is needed for quicker,...
View Resource Video & Sound Gallery: National Institutes of Health

Visitors with an interest in the operations of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will find much to keep their attention on this site, where visitors can learn about the activities of the NIH director. The current director, Dr. Francis Collins, maintains an ambitious public relations schedule that finds him offering expert comment on a range of health policy matters. Through this video and...

View Resource Sharing Science

The American Geophysical Union's Sharing Science is geared towards helping earth and space scientists communicate about their work and its value with broader audiences, such as journalists, students, and policymakers. Of particular interest to those new to science communication will be the "tools" and "practice" tabs in the box on the right sidebar. Readers will find links to numerous...