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Chinese Americans -- History

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View Resource Becoming American: The Chinese Experience

Released in conjunction with a PBS television series dealing with the Chinese experience in America (hosted by Bill Moyers), this site provides a host of information, video clips, personal recollections, and other materials that serve as an excellent complement to the series. Visitors may want to start by examining the Portraits section, which highlights some first-person narratives of what their...
View Resource American Memory: The Chinese in California, 1850-1925

Drawn from the collections of the University of California Berkeley and the California Historical Society, this addition to American Memory presents about 8000 digitized items that document the Chinese in California from 1850 to 1925. Like other American Memory collections, both searching and browsing options are available. One nice feature is the Topical Overview section, where users can read...
View Resource Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion

The exhibit Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion is on display at the New-York Historical Society Museum & Library from September 26, 2014 to April 19, 2015. Luckily, for those of us who don't live near the Big Apple, there is plenty to see online. Start with the Explore page, where you can read about the exhibit and glean a quick overview of the history of Chinese Americans in the United States....

View Resource American Experience: The Chinese Exclusion Act

In 1882, Congress passed a law that barred Chinese immigration to the United States. In addition, the law prevented Chinese nationals already living in the United States from becoming U.S. citizens. The Act was not repealed until 1943, following the advent of World War II. PBS recently aired this two-hour episode of American Experience dedicated to the Chinese Exclusion Act and its impact on...