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Graphic methods -- Software.

View Resource OmniGraffle 2.1.1

For Mac users looking for an application to help them create graphs, this latest version of OmniGraffle may come in handy. Featuring several new palettes for creating network diagrams, this version can be quite useful when creating new graphs for presentations, papers, or other communications where graphical representations are crucial. Users also have the ability to select from more than 30 kinds...
View Resource National Center for Education Statistics: Create a Graph

As the site's title implies, this site is simply about making graphs. It introduces students to four main types of graphs -- bar, line, pie, and area -- and allows visitors to construct their own. By selecting a line graph, for example, visitors are asked to provide the title of the graph, the titles of the X and Y axes, and then to list the coordinates for all of the points on either axis. With a...