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View Resource University of Georgia Stratigraphy Lab's Online Guide to Sequence Stratigraphy

The Online Guide to Sequence Stratigraphy created by the University of Georgia addresses the relevance of sequence stratigraphy on outcrops. With a series of helpful figures and great images, students and educators can learn about parasequences, stacking patterns, chronostratigraphy, and much more. The glossary assists users with the terminology used within the materials. For those interested in...
View Resource Normal Faults in Sand in a Shoe Box

A great deal can be learned by observing a sand box, and this delightful instructional resource offers ample proof. This resource was developed by Betsy D. Torrez of Sam Houston State University and it is designed to help students use sandbox models "to investigate the characteristics of normal faults and parameters that influence their development." The resource is intended for use by students in...
View Resource Conjugate Fractures form in Clay

Understanding certain aspects of structural geology can be challenging for undergraduates, and the good people at "On the Cutting Edge" have worked to create this useful resource to help students and educators. This particular lesson plan was created by Paul Kelso of Lake Superior State University, and it was designed for students who have a bit of background knowledge of structural geology. The...