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Game theory -- Research

View Resource Game Theory Professional Journals

This website has a wealth of resources on game theory and its applications to economics, business, political science, computer science, and other disciplines. Some of the resources include links to journals, associations, teaching resources, and major web portals. From the links provided, visitors can read about the history of game theory, experiment with games that demonstrate key concepts in a...
View Resource Seville Game Theory Group

Jesus Mario Bilbao Arrese, a Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Seville, heads the Seville Game Theory group (SGT). On this website, visitors will find a selection of publications by members of the group, including papers, preprints and PhD theses. The Blackboard section includes various position papers, mostly in Spanish, which address issues such as the value of using...
View Resource The Future of Gamification

Some may wonder: "What exactly is gamification?" That's a good question and in a nutshell it is using game design techniques and mechanics for non-game ends. Gamification is "interactive online design that plays on people's competitive instincts and often incorporates the use of rewards to drive action." These rewards are often virtual points, payments, badges, discounts, "free" gifts or status...